PewDiePie donates $50,000 to the Bernie Sanders campaign after being denied by ADL

Not even Bernie himself could have predicted this

Written by Neville Percival Croft

Notorious cyber Nazi PewDiePie has been in the centre of an immense controversy. In a recent video, the fascist declared that he was willing to donate $50,000 dollars to one of the most righteous and noble companies in existence: the ADL. This came as a shock to everyone, especially since the ADL called out PewDiePie for being the conniving, hateful bigot that he is.

Thousands of Americans have been brainwashed by this fascist monster.

Quick to respond, the ADL decided that they would not accept the donation by this sinister figurehead of the alt-right. Many ears were keen to hear the wise words of the ADL and so a persyn of spokes released a short statement revealing the motives behind this decision.

For the ADL this is matter of pride, not profit. We refuse to accept donations from Hitler supporters and grifters.

  • ADL persyn of spokes.

PewDiePie was very upset by this turn of events and knew that he had to send his donations elsewhere. Rumor has it that feminist icon Ilhan Omar herself contacted PewDiePie and made him realize that his funds could go towards a far better cause: the Bernie Sanders campaign. This led to PewDiePie donating there immediately and so thanks to him, the socialist utopia we’ve all been dreaming of comes ever closer. Linda Sarsour also offered her personal thanks to the YouTuber for his generous donation.

We hope that more people follow in PewDiePie’s footsteps and decide to donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Then, and only then, can we be free from the Trump nightmare.

Neville Croft

Neville Percival Croft is a brave, bold and daring reporter for NPC Daily after being laid off from BuzzFeed because of xirs apparently "overtly communist views". Nonetheless, Neville is a unique, freethinking individual that brings lots of cards to the table such as xirs ability to smash the patriarchy in less than 10 minutes and xirs prestigious Gender Studies degree helps xir to critically analyse and report in a completely unbiased fashion. Also, xe is a proud Greysexual Novigender and has a moderate soy latte addiction. Please never assume xirs gender. This entire site is satire.
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