Bill Burr’s “Paper Tiger” stand up special is bigoted, sexist, racist, misogynistic and should be boycotted

Bill Burr's new "comedy" routine is full of white supremacist hateful bigotry

We all knew well before we saw the special that Bill Burr’s latest routine would be ridden with hate speech and and slurs against all minority groups. His stand up special, “Paper Tiger” is just as bad if not worse than Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks and Stones” special. In fact, Bill Burr is so aware of his own bigotry that he couldn’t even perform his routine in the United States – instead his decided to flee to England to express his hatred toward women and minorities.

It’s no secret that Bill Burr is a white supremacist who hates people of color. Most of our writers sat through the first five minutes of his special before coming to that obvious conclusion – and none could actually make it to the end.

After I watched just a few minutes of Bill Burr’s “Paper Tiger” stand up special on Netflix, I immediately had to check myself into therapy. I was triggered so hard that I couldn’t even. I would advise anyone who chooses to watch this show to watch it with a friend with easy access to a nearby cry closet.

  • Daniel Corbinson, 47, UC Davis

Bill Burr is solely responsible for the mental health damage caused by those watching his bigoted special. There’s only so much hatred we can hear from our TV screens before our bodies shut down. This is why the special should be boycotted as well as Netflix itself. Stand up to bigotry.

Diversity is our strength.


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