BREAKING: Justin Trudeau exposed as a white supremacist from bigoted blackface picture

Unsettling proof that Justin Trudeau is just as much of hateful bigot as your average conservative

As if we hadn’t lost all hope in spreading our progressive values already, images of Justin Trudeau in blackface have surfaced. Apparently, the prime minister of Canada is just as much of a hateful racist as president Donald Trump.

As we know, wearing blackface is in any capacity is an unforgivable hate crime regardless of the reason or intent. Wearing blackface includes, but isn’t limited to: putting make up on one’s face in order to darken the appearance, wearing a charcoal mask in order to cleanse the face, or staying in the sun for too long and accruing a tan on one’s face.

Justin Trudeau took part in painting his entire face in order to mock any and all non-white individuals. This is unforgivable and he should be removed from his position as prime minister.

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I was about to move to Canada because of how much Trump has destroyed America but after seeing those pictures of the Canadian president in blackface, I know that Canada is no better than America – in fact may be even worse.

  • Alladeen Tohpquek, Southampton State University

Not even Trump took part in any blackface activities. At worst, Donald Trump expresses his bigotry by painting his face orange and keeping it that way for extended periods of time – but even that isn’t blackface. Canada is no longer woke and it should be considered a hate crime to regard Canada as anything but a terrible place with bigoted leaders.


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