iOS 13 “Dark Mode” is just blackface for your phone and should be classified as a hate crime to use

Apple is enabling microaggression by allowing a racist setting on iOS 13

On September 19th, Apple released iOS 13 for the iPhone and one of the most popular new features was “dark mode” which can darken the background of lighter colored user interface modes in order to be easier on the eyes. Though some may defend the use of this setting as a way to minimize eye damage, its intrinsic insensitivity and racist connotations cannot go unnoticed.

In light of the recent evidence that Justin Trudeau appeared in blackface for many years of his life simply to make fun of people of color, purposely altering your white iPhone screen to appear darker is no different. It’s racially aggressive and could unnecessarily trigger oppressed individuals who value their ethnicity.

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I love iOS 13 but when it prompted me to choose between light and dark mode, I nearly had a panic attack. I’m a liberal progressive socialist-loving iPhone user and I got triggered so hard by the racial insensitivity of this setting that I almost vomited my soy latte.

  • David Davis, 22, UC Davis

In short, the “dark mode” feature of iOS 13 is cultural appropriation, no different than heterosexuals appropriating the culture of the LGBTQAIP community by vaping. It’s not right and it should be considered a hate crime.

Furthermore, there is backlash against apple for not including the burning upside down American flag emoji that we were promised in iOS 13. If this behavior continues, we could possibly see a major boycott of Apple products. There’s no room in our country for bigotry. Diversity is our strength.


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