CASE CLOSED – Trump Admits To NOT Paying Taxes For 16 Years At Press Conference

You knew it. I knew it. Everyone knew it. Donald Trump admitted this morning in a press conference that he did not file or pay ANY form of taxes since 2001, with exception of one time where Rachel Maddow courageously released his 2005 tax returns to the world. This comes as no surprise from the billionaire real estate mogul who won the election by running a campaign of hatred, greed, bigotry and racism.

Straight from his press conference transcript, Donald Trump had this to say about his taxes this morning.

. . . That I can tell you. And as for my taxes, look. Nobody cares. The election is over. Does anybody really care about my tax returns? No I didn’t think so. Does anyone really care that I only filed once in the past 16 years? No. I didn’t pay taxes for 16 years. I could have! But I didn’t. If I get bored next week, I’m going to nuke North Korea. F#$& that fat squinty-eyed piece of. . .

– Donald Trump, April 21st Press Conference at the White House

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Even with that, I’ll bet his followers will stay loyal to him, despite the fact that he openly admitted on live television to not paying taxes. Why was Rachel Maddow only able to obtain Trump’s tax returns from 2005? Because that’s the only time he filed. Even more proof that Trump hates black people and he is a terrible business man.

Unfortunately, this will fall on deaf ears. However if you do your part and share this article, the world will know once and for all that it is officially a closed case. Trump did NOT pay taxes like a true American citizen.



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