The fact that Trump even spoke to the Ukrainian President is an impeachable offense

There is so much evidence for Trump's impeachment case that it need not be explored

It’s no secret that Trump needs to be impeached. This isn’t an opinion from a biased perspective but an objective fact based on progressive liberal values. Trump committed a treasonous crime by means of speaking to the Ukrainian president back in July of 2019.

If you look at the map, Ukraine is bordering Russian to the south east. Ukraine’s close proximity to Russia means that Ukraine is almost Russia. Since Russia meddled in our election in 2016 and hacked Trump into the presidency, the mere fact that Trump spoke with anyone somewhat resembling a Russian is an impeachable offense.

It gets worse though – Trump spoke to the Ukrainian president on the telephone from the situation room in the oval office.

Finally after three years of treasonous act after treasonous act, Nancy Pelosi has filed impeachment inquiries against the president. Why? Because Trump needs to be impeached. If one must ask why he needs to be impeached, clearly they aren’t a liberal and thus, shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The journalists here NPC Daily are right up there with MSNBC and CNN when it comes to quality commentary on the impending impeachment. More details will be coming soon.


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