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Béto El Rourko emerges as frontrunner in 2020 presidential election

Siesta José a close second

In an astonishing turn of events that literally no one outside of the furry community could have seen coming, Béto El Rourko has surged to the top of the polls, following his mucho-fiesta’d promise to veto La Amendmenta Dos if elected Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

Naturally the baño con Numero Dos would apply only to el gringo, as Béto remains a fervent supporter of Glocks For POCs, the comprehensive initiative to put guns into the hands of minorities while disarming cis white males.

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Béto’s announcement and subsequent lead in the polls have quite predictable triggered the anxiety of conservatives and the alt-right in general. Notorious white supremacist Tim Pool seemed particularly irate, unleashing a tirade of ad-hombre attacks against Béto in a recent YouTube video that has for some reason yet to be taken down.

One can only gather from Pool’s response that he is a supporter of gun violence. Unlike Béto El Rourko, who finds it reprehensible.

READ: Tim Pool is a DANGEROUS hate agent who needs to be deplatformed

NPC Daily stands with Béto and against DANGEROUS hate agents like Tim Pool. We strongly urge you to contact your persyn of Congress and request Tim be forced to surrender his YouTube channel along with his Secondo Amendmento rights.

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