NPC Daily assists Anti-Defamation League in identifying symbols of hate

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Online hate and extremism pose a serious threat to our democracy. Which is why we were glad to share our expertise with the Anti-Defamation League as they updated their Hate on Display database to include such notorious symbols of bigotry as the “okay” sign, the laughing face emoji, MAGA hats, the color orange, and those horrible honking clown toads.

We were also able to advise them on less-recognizable dog whistles such as the “thumbs up” symbol of white supremacy and the “two genders” attack upon persyns of nonbinary.

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NPC Daily has long been at the forefront of combating hatethink. We will continue monitoring the Alt-Right and reporting on the racist, sexist, LGBTQIAPplusophobic dog whistles that we alone can hear.

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