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PERSPECTIVES: “My girlfriend Ann is a victim of fatphobia”

Persyns of size are facing greater oppression than ever

My girlfriend Ann is a persyn of size who finds it difficult to survive in today’s increasingly fatphobic and fat-intolerant society. Weighing in at 329 lbs (315 after her morning bowel movement), Ann is admittedly a little hefty for her 5’2″ stature. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t healthy. Quite the contrary — Ann takes frequent movement breaks throughout the day, often getting up to empty her own bed pan or fix herself a macaroni & cheese waffle sandwich as a light snack.

Why striving to be fit and healthy is actually hateful, ableist and intolerant

While she may not be as fit as someone like Tess Holliday, that doesn’t make her any less entitled to free, taxpayer-funded healthcare, Social Security Disability Insurance, or a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) card with which to pay for her evening pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

So too is she entitled to be recognized by society at large for the responsible, disciplined womxn she is. It is just as wrong to discriminate against persyns of size in professional sports as it is to discriminate against them in dating. And let’s face it — there is little difference between not wanting to date someone like Ann and calling for those of her girth to join the Latinx community in Trump’s concentration camps.

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We need to do more to address fit privilege. Just because I don’t munch on deep-fried sticks of butter or brush my teeth with Alfredo sauce doesn’t mean I deserve a longer lifespan than my friend Ann.

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