The new Joker movie shows what it’s like inside the mind of a Trump supporter and it’s terrifying

Joker 2019 shows the mind of a far right wing mentality

Joker (2019) came out October 4th, 2019 and it shows a terrifying truth about what goes on inside the mind of your average conservative Trump supporter. The story follows Arthur, portrayed brilliantly by Joaquin Phoenix as his mental illness (Conservative ideologies) push him to commit seemingly random acts of violence against innocent people – much like Trump’s base.

Without spoiling too much, the character of the Joker is a mentally unstable incel who feels entitled to better treatment simply for being a white male. After seeing that life hadn’t handed everything he wanted to him on a silver platter (much like white conservatives expect), he lashed out. He exercised his second amendment rights by means of firing an illegally acquired firearm at a few innocent kids who were singing on a subway.

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From there, he spiraled into a wave of predictable right-wing behaviors. He laughed would laugh maniacally, which makes sense since laughing has been seen as a right wing provocation. He dressed as a clown, which pays homage to the “honkley” clown meme championed by the alt right. He also shot a man in the head on live television and got away with it, much like Trump says he could do since he has a cult-like support base. He also couldn’t get a date since no women liked him, similar to many Trump supporting men.

Joke (2019) and the Honkley meme

If you want to see what we’re up against in 2020, watch Joker (2019). It’s a one to one comparison of how Trump supporters think, act, and behave. Please exercise extreme caution when talking or associating with a Trump supporter since many of them are immensely unstable and carry guns.

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