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Resistance is futile: It’s time to impeach

Sane, rational individuals urge Congress to impeach Trump

Nadia P. Clarke is a 26-year-old animal rights activist. She lives in a 500-square-foot studio apartment with her theyfriend Sharon and their six vegan cats. Tristan Soysworth is a 32-year-old Antifa activist who resides in his grandmother’s basement and dreams of someday becoming a professional blacksmith.

What do these two unique individuals have in common? The burning desire to see Trump impeached.

In an October 2018 tweet that recently made national headlines after being shared on Facebook seven times by femxle sextigenarian divorcees, Mx. Clarke notes:


Mx. Soysworth expressed a similar unique viewpoint, substituting the word ‘peeps’ for “PPL” and adding the hashtags #ImpeachTheMF and #Cult45.

Mxes. Clarke and Soysworth are not alone in their views. Other members of the #Resistance have drawn attention to the eerie parallels between a certain World War II dictator and the one whose reich under which we suffer today.

Trump is literally Hitler. He’s running concentration camps at our border. #OrangeManBad.

• Verified Twitter user NPC-12341

Given the unprecedented corruption of the Trump administration and the extensive crimes committed by the White House occupant himself (which are far too numerous to list), one would indeed have to be a brainwashed member of an ideological cult not to be triggered by the very thought of Trump’s racist, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, white supremacist, minority-hating existence.

Which is why Congress has a moral duty to impeach the MF. For whatever reason, whatever the cost. Because Orange Man is literally killing us all.

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