Hillary Clinton to announce she will be president in 2020

"She's had enough of Trump's tweets", say insiders

Let’s face facts: America adores Hillary Rodham Clinton. After each democratic debate, blue voters have pined for their 2016 candidate to return to the race. In an expected stunning and brave surprise announcement, Hillary Rodham Clinton will soon announce her third run at the Presidency.

You heard it here at NPC Daily first. Insiders attribute this to Trump’s tweets baiting her to run. “Enough” revealed a person in the know. “It is her turn to be president. She has done so much for the country. She never thinks of herself. And she knows what is best for us.”

We are tired of the scandals that Trump and his henchmen keep getting away with, which distracts woke Democrats in congress from doing important work like confiscating guns, raising taxes, and causing a healthy economic recession. Hillary Rodham Clinton has never been involved in any scandals.

Current democrats and socialists will be expected to step down as candidates. “Look they are a clown show so far. I’m not sure if they are all on board yet but we have dealt with that before.” grinned the affable candidate.

Stay tuned to NPC Daily for updates. Diversity is our strength.

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Pepe Johnson

Robert ("Pepe") Johnson is a Gen YZ freelance social justice facilitator. A graduate of Palo Alto State with a major in Mime, with a concentration in Walking Against the Wind, with post-graduate online certificates of knowledge in Non-Binary Gender Studies and 21st Century Bathroom Planning, "Pepe" has performed as a nude mime and human statue, as well as a professional protestor. "Pepe" is a nickname, but he has been called that since childhood, not for current political gain or to seem more Mexican. This entire site is satire.

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