Trump has turned the US Flag into a hate symbol and if you respect it, you’re a bigot

It should be considered a hate crime to show any respect to the US flag

Donald Trump has done immeasurable damage to our country. Since his election in 2016, our country’s quality has been shot to the ground with little hope of revival unless Bernie Sanders wins in 2020. Let’s explore the ways that Trump has destroyed America.

Brown children are crammed in cages. The weather is hotter than usual. Transgender individuals are upset. He tried to end the endless war and MSNBC says that’s not good. Unemployment numbers are low because people have multiple jobs. The minimum wage hasn’t increased. Abortion is outlawed and it’s now illegal to express a view that disagrees with Trump.

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Because of the hatred and bigotry that Trump has brought to our formerly great country, any reference to America is a reference to tyranny and intolerance. For this reason, the American flag is now a hate symbol. Showing any respect to the American flag as long as Trump is in office is the equivalent to saluting the Nazi flag.

This is why it should be a hate crime to stand for the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem. We tried “freedom” in this country and the result turned out in a way that we don’t like. Therefore we must push to ban things and cancel programs. Freedom only works when the end result is progressive and liberal.


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