Disney hints at openly transgender character in Frozen 2

Another win for the LGBTQ community from Disney!

We thought that Disney had proven their wokeness before when announcing that Elsa would be a lesbian in Frozen 2, but they are surely outdoing themselves with a bit of leaked information about the upcoming sequel. A Disney insider told NPC Daily that the producers are including a nod to the LGBTQ community by spotlighting an openly transgender character in Frozen 2!

I can’t give too much away but let’s just say the LGBTQ community will absolutely LOVE Frozen 2. One of the semi-main characters will be openly transgender and it will not affect the plot at all. It will be one step closer to inclusion.

  • Cory Preston Newton, 27, Disney

That, combined with this interesting tweet from Disney hinting at an audience regardless of gender will enjoy the movie:

The only thing that isn’t clear is which character will be opening transgender. We could most likely rule out Elsa since it’s already confirmed that she’s a lesbian in Frozen 2. That still leaves Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristof. Though, those are more main characters and not semi-main characters, we could possibly rule them out too – but not off the table completely! This would be the first mention of LGBTQ individuals in a Disney movie since their announcement of Alex Is, the first transgender Disney princes.

How great would it be if Elsa’s girlfriend was in fact a transgender female and that’s how they give homage to the transgender community! One can only hope.

Keep an eye out this November 22nd for the release of Frozen 2 and let us know if you spot the transgender character!


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