Tweet from Saira Rao suggests she is secretly transphobic and thinks there are only two genders

Prominent human rights activist could secretly be a bigot

If you don’t know, Saira Rao is an activist who fights against the patriarchy every moment of every day. She rightfully recognizes that white people are the problem with literally everything in the entire world. She correctly points out that without white people, everything would be better.

The following is a compilation of all the woke and progressive tweets she has made over the years.

However, she said something

She is correctly pointing out the fact that white people never own up to the problems directly caused by their whiteness – but she does so in the most triggering way.

She acknowledges only two genders…

As we all know, there are at least 76 genders. So even if we assume that men and women are not the problem, there are still 74 more genders that could be held by a white individual who could still be problematic. For someone as woke as Saira Rao, she should have known this.

The only logical conclusion is that Saira Rao is a bigoted hateful Trump supporter who wants to ban LGBTQ rights. Oh well… they can’t all be heroes.


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