Elizabeth Warren floats idea of taxing Native American casinos to pay for her policy propositions

Troubling proposition solution may cause Elizabeth Warren to clash with her native roots

In a not-so-brave turn of events, Elizabeth Warren had a shocking response when asked how her policies would be paid for. Instead of taxing the upper and middle class 90% like we want from Bernie Sanders’ plans, Elizabeth Warren suggested that she would tax casinos owned by native tribesmen and tribeswomen – essentially robbing them of their native birthright.

The only reason we aren’t dismissing Elizabeth Warren as the bigoted white supremacist that her policies suggest her to be is simply because she is of pure-blood native American descent.

My contribution to Pow Wow Chow more than qualifies me to expect my Native American comrades to comply with a wealth tax of 90% in order to subsidize the health care for undocumented Americans. I’m going to get myself a beer.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren (D)

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We at NPC Daily do not support this method of reparations but since she is a Democrat of color, we cannot disavow her. We can only hope that Senator Elizabeth Warren has a change of heart the next time she walks into a multi-billion dollar casino owned by native tribal members and consider not taxing them since it isn’t fair to tax people of color.


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