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Katie Hill to lead Trump impeachment inquiry

"America deserves elected officials that represent our values"

Let’s face it: every day we all wake up, turn on CNN and wait to find out when Trump is going to be impeached. But nothing ever really happens. Adam Schiff has promised impeachment for literally years now, even trying to get Trump impeached in his secret basement lair in the Capitol building. But nothing ever really happens because Trump gets away with all the impeachable stuff he wants to.

We have been waiting for fresh-faced congresspersons to take the lead. Our wish came true! Fresh faced Congressperson Katie Hill has been named Team Captain of the Democratic Socialist Impeachment Team!

“Trump must go!” declared Hill. “We need leaders that behave in a way the American people can be proud of!” continued Hill, to the raucous applause of her husband, two boyfriends, four girlfriends and other staffers.  “We want elected representatives whose character is beyond reproach!” said Hill, while gently tapping a riding crop on one of her staffers heads. “Right sweetie?”. “Right Mistress Katie” replied the staffer consensually.

“Everyone!” commanded Katie Hill to her extended group of paramours.  “Orange man bad.” said the staffers and other lovers in unison.

Stay tuned to NPC Daily for updates. Diversity is our strength.

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Pepe Johnson

Robert ("Pepe") Johnson is a Gen YZ freelance social justice facilitator. A graduate of Palo Alto State with a major in Mime, with a concentration in Walking Against the Wind, with post-graduate online certificates of knowledge in Non-Binary Gender Studies and 21st Century Bathroom Planning, "Pepe" has performed as a nude mime and human statue, as well as a professional protestor. "Pepe" is a nickname, but he has been called that since childhood, not for current political gain or to seem more Mexican. This entire site is satire.

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