“Due process” explained, and how it is used to promote rape culture & toxic masculinity

It was never meant for the credibility accused

“Due process” has become a popular Republican buzzword, first making its way into the limited vocabularies of Trump’s Neanderthal-like worshippers with the onslaught of credible allegations against notorious sex offender (and Supreme Court justice) Brett Kavanaugh. But “due process” is simply a fancy term for the Fifth Amendment, used by Republican voters in an attempt to conceal their shameful lack of higher education.

The people who claim due process is the cornerstone of a free society are same sorts of far-right extremists who hold that “freedom of expression” goes beyond the First Amendment. An utterly absurd notion, to be sure; we have no rights but what the government allows us, and anyone who would distinguish between a right and the government’s promise not to infringe upon that right is either gaslighting or stupid.

Moreover, the Fifth Amendment was intended to protect the innocent — not the guilty. But since the day it went into effect (July 5th, 1776) the Republican Party has been finding ways to use this legal loophole to their advantage.

Brett Kavanaugh had about as much right to “due process” as he did the $900,000+ downpayment Christine Ford received from the social media #Resistance — which is to say, none at all. This is because Kavanaugh was never formally charged with any crime, though he surely would have been if only brave Mx. Ford had been able to recall a few details beyond “some white males did something” — preferably within the statute of limitations.

But alas, she could not. And so he was not. Which if anything makes her credible allegations significantly more credible.

Why believe facts when you can believe womxyzn?

  • Senator Kamala Harris

“Due process” has been used by rape apologists to promote the idea that evidence should be believed over womxyzn, and that credibly-accused sex offenders (such as the Duke lacrosse kids) should be entitled to a legal defense.

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But besides being used to enable and excuse rape culture (and toxic masculinity in general), “due process” is now being utilized by Republicans in an attempt to undermine the ongoing impeachment effort.

The idea that Donald Trump is entitled to “due process” during these closed-door, unipartisan impeachment hearings is utterly absurd. If he has not (yet) been formally charged with any of the crimes he has committed, why should he or his attorney be permitted to confront his accusers, cross-examine witnesses, or call witnesses in his defense? None of this is part of the Fifth Amendment anyway, so even after he is charged, it still won’t apply.

Now is the time to abolish these antiquated notions of traditional justice in favor of social justice. Because regardless of whatever else we know Trump did, there is one basic truth not even the Republicans will dispute:

Donald Trump is a cis white male. And that is reason enough to impeach.

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