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Austere celebrity attorney may hold the key to Trump’s impeachment

Michael Avenatti has uncovered a legal loophole allowing Trump to be impeached

As every sane, rational individual can agree, it’s time to impeach Trump. Between the Russian collusion (and subsequent coverup) and his open support for white nationalists, Donald Trump is undoubtedly the worst president in the history of the United States – And anyone who would argue otherwise should probably be investigated by the FBI.

Naturally, Republicans are attempting to obstruct impeachment because Republicans are power-hungry authoritarians who value negative partisanship and racial identitarianism over sound policy and principle. Which is why Democrats have been forced to hold closed-door hearings in the style of 20th century Russia. (It wasn’t always a corrupt dictatorship.)

Republicans have responded in their predictable fashion, attempting to gaslight the American people with talk of “transparency” and “due process” — the later of which does not even apply, as Trump has yet to be formally charged with any crime.

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Impeachment is at an impasse, and America needs a hero now more than ever.

Fortunately for the Democratic Party, that hero has risen from the ashes of the Stormy Daniels lawsuit in the form of Michael Avenatti, and no 36-count federal indictment or domestic violence arrest is going to stop him in his mission to defeat Trump — if not at the ballot box then through petty partisan politicking. Because it seems Avenatti (“Mikey” to his friends) has discovered a legal loophole and is intent on milking it for all it is worth:

Mikey is braver than any U.S. marine. Some might go so far to argue that this level of bravery approaches that of iconic #MeToo figure Christine Blasey-Ford, who dazzled us all with her selfless dedication to the destruction of Brett Kavanaugh, though she received barely more than $900,000 for the effort.

NPC Daily is deeply moved by Mikey’s courageousness, and we strongly urge you to donate to his legal fund. Because a man like Michael Avenatti does not belong in federal prison — he belongs in the oval office. If not at the desk, then under it.

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