Unwoke Latinxes seek to normalize use of gendered language

Gendered language has no place in the Latinx community

The alt-right is at it again, infiltrating communities of color to spread their message of hate. This time their target is the already vulnerable Latinx community.

Though Latinxes have suffered a continuous onslaught of microaggressions and genocide since the current White House occupant moved in, this latest attack is perhaps the most egregious yet because it is a direct attack upon the Latinx identity: the denial that such an identity even exists.

Use of gendered language can be highly triggering, particularly to Latinx womxyzn and persyns of non-binary gender. Yet alt-right Latinxes are maliciously choosing to identify as “Latinos” and “Latinas” — an act which arguably constitutes a hate crime.

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Latinxes are quite literally being erased.

“Latinx culture is rich and vibrant,” explains anthropology student Karen Kennedy-Klein. “Perhaps best characterized by its most sacred artifacts: tacxes, sombrerxes, and maracxes. I once vacationed to the northernmost region of Latinx Americx, so this act of cultural genocide feels like a personal attack.”

Mx. Kennedy-Klein is the founder of the anti-racism activist group Allies Advocating Against Appropriation And Hate (AAAAAH), whose mission is to make cultural appropriation a federal crime.

“I’ve been advocating on behalf of Latinxes since sophomore year. And this is probably the most offended I’ve been all semester.”

NPC Daily explicitly condemns the use of gendered language along with each and every form of genocide that is currently being perpetuated in Trump’s Americx.

Forcibly separating brown children from their adult companions and throwing them into cages is bad — unless you’re Obama. Concentration camps are bad — unless you’re China. Yet nothing China or Obama has ever done to hurt minorities remotely compares to the harm these “Latino” and “Latina” ethnicity apostates are causing the Latinx community. We need to deport them all, because diversity is our strength.

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