We the Internet TV is alt-right propaganda, and Lou Perez should be deplatformed

Fascist libertarian comes under fire for being racist against progress

Alt-right partisan provocateur Lou Perez stands credibly accused of being an alt-right partisan provocateur, a charge he hasn’t even bothered to deny as of the publication of this article.

From his misogynistic mockery of femxle professors to his racist encouragement of cultural appropriation, Lou Perez stands among the most DANGEROUS hate agents of our time.

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Indeed, Lou’s very name — Luis Amate Perez — is an act of cultural appropriation, as even the most cursory examination of his skin tone reveals his Latinx heritage to be a farce.

Lou Perez with his father

In addition to producing “funny” skits (and please note that I have placed the word ‘funny’ inside quotation marks) Lou has used his YouTube channel “We” the Internet TV (note that the word ‘we’ is likewise placed in quotation marks, as he most certainly does not represent me) to disseminate offensive propaganda that promotes objectivity while minimizing the importance of personal truth. We the Internet TV (also known as WTI — a obvious dog whistle to WhiTe Identitarians) has consistently sought to undermine our trust in the mainstream media while making excuses for that horrible, bigoted Nazi child who smirked at that poor war hero of indigenous persynhood.

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Lou has repeatedly given platform to notorious gender studies denier Dr. Debra Soh, who seems to have mistaken her Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience for a license to weigh in on issues of sexual identity. He has sought to gaslight brave antifash warriors into allowing the Nazis go unpunched and climate activists into allowing our impending doom to go unannounced.

He glorifies hate speech and weapons of war while lampooning the necessity of safe spaces and spreading insane conspiracy theories about minimum wage laws. But what truly makes Lou such a detestable human being has been the inexcusable excuses he makes for Donald Trump.

From his defense of the Muslim ban to the administration’s literal erasure of the LGBTQIAP+ identity, Lou has proven willing to defend his guy no matter what, earning himself the reputation of being Trump’s “biggest defender” — to quote the White House occupant himself.

Lou represents a credible threat to humanity, which is why we are seeking to have him deplatformed and punished to the fullest extent of the law — and possibly even a little beyond. We have forwarded the results of our investigation to the FBI, the SPLC, Lou’s wife, and the CIA, so there stands a fair chance of him being 404’d along with his videos.

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