It’s time to admit that Epstein killed himself, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a conspiracy theorist

Internet trolls claim without evidence that Epstein didn't kill himself

Written by El Croft

The conspiracy theorists are at it again! As if they weren’t busy enough scouring through Hillary’s emails on WikiLeaks, looking for references of Moloch and known pedo codes, they’re now flooding the Internet with “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes.

In yet another disinformation push from the Russian Troll farms, social media is blowing up with claims that Epstein was actually murdered by the Clintons, citing his ownership of a painting of Bill in a blue dress with red heels as evidence that the two were BFFs. This is of course a ridiculous idea, simply the tin foil hats looking for something that isn’t there. I had a poster of Chester Bennington on my wall as a teenager — doesn’t mean I knew the guy.

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Despite the painting and the twenty-six flights Bill Clinton took on Epstein’s plane and the fact that Epstein helped create the Clinton Foundation and all of the photos of them together, there is no evidence to suggest the two were friends. And even if they were, that wouldn’t really implicate Bill in any way. In reality, it’s more likely Epstein was friends with Donald Trump.

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What the tin foil hat brigade likes to ignore is that Epstein was suicidal. He had tried and failed to kill himself just two weeks prior to his demise.

Adding more fuel to the conspiratorial fire, far-right propaganda organization Project Veritas has released a video of ABC anchor Amy Borach claiming they had the story years ago but that it was it was ultimately shelved to make way for more pressing news such as which brand of disposable nappy Will and Kate had chosen for the latest royal baby.

So too were there concerns that with the 2016 presidential election fast approaching, the story would have hurt Hillary’s Clinton campaign. (Even though she had nothing to do with it.)

But as always, the basement dwellers can’t just swallow what’s handed to them but instead have to insert their own theories into the story. Talks about how Iger was in Epstein’s records, that ABC is owned by Disney, and that Amy mentions Bill Clinton in the video but not Trump have all been swirling around in the Twittersphere since the Veritas video dropped.

ABC’s decision was, of course, completely reasonable. And that the Epstein story didn’t meet ABC’s standards of journalism but the Kavanaugh accusations should serve as a reminder of the preponderance of evidence against Brett Kavanaugh.

We strongly advise anyone who comes in contact with these Internet trolls to simply block them and get their news from NPC Daily instead.

Ellsworth Quincy Croft III is a member of the austere Croft family, a professional anti-Brexit activist, and the New York Times bestselling author of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The Harriet Tubman of Our Era.

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