Frozen 2 (2019) was a box office fail because Elsa wasn’t a lesbian and didn’t have a girlfriend

Disappointed viewers are seeking therapy to help cope with Disney's betrayal and empty promises

Let’s face it – Frozen 2 was a lackluster presentation of unoriginal material that filled nearly two hours of wasted potential. Not only was the movie devoid of any scene that could be deemed as remotely funny, Disney failed to follow through with its promise to make Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2.

(OUTDATED): IT’S OFFICIAL: Disney announces Elsa will be a lesbian in Frozen 2

The only reason anyone, especially the children of woke millennials who saw hope in the first movie, would want to see this tired sequel would be to see what could have been a gay icon preaching LGBTQ values in one or all of Elsa’s songs. This never happened. Instead, the songs simply centered around an unoriginal “never give up hope” feeling – yet how can we have hope for the propagation of LGBTQ values if Frozen 2 failed to deliver?

I watched the entire movie and not once did Elsa waive the rainbow flag, embrace in a passionate kiss with another female protagonist nor did the movie imply in any way that Elsa identified as anything other than a cisgendered white female. It was sickening. It’s my truth that Disney betrayed me. I left the theater in tears.

That’s why Frozen 2 was an epic box office fail. The reviews are in and it’s one of the lowest rated Disney movies to date.

If Disney would have used Frozen 2 as a symbol to promote LGBTQ ideologies instead of pandering to fans of Frozen 1 (as if people actually care about the characters, story or plot), Disney wouldn’t have suffered such a massive hit to their reputation and revenue.

Many viewers are now seeking therapy to help cope with the devastating betrayal of Disney – however it’s unknown whether or not therapy will be enough to mend the broken hearts and minds of those suffering PTSD symptoms from seeing yet another movie about a privileged white person.

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