“Black Friday” to be renamed “Friday of Color” to avoid blatant racist and problematic undertones

Using the term "Black Friday" should be classified as hate speech and should be treated accordingly

There is one pseudo-holiday that follows the the genocidal colonial cis-gendered holiday of Thanksgiving – and it’s Black Friday. However, liberals from universities all across America are taking up arms against the casual use of a blatantly racist title for a holiday all about getting lower prices for consumer goods.

Calling a day about getting “great deals” and “steals” as Black Friday assumes that black people have nothing to contribute to society besides looting and ripping people off. This is abhorrent! No part of our culture should have racist undertones so blatant and clear yet used so casually. That’s why liberals across the nation are banding together for a social push to rename “Black Friday” as “Friday of Color.”

Calling this day Friday of Color is inclusive and doesn’t hurt the feelings of white liberals who vicariously get offended by language that isn’t yet perceived as offensive by minorities.

Facts are facts – if you aren’t offended by the term “Black Friday,” then your mind isn’t open enough. You need to really imagine hard how certain words and phrases can be problematic before you realize just how problematic they are. Black Friday is a clear example.

For this reason, using the term “Black Friday” (with exception of educational articles like this one) should be considered hate speech and treated as the hate crime that it is. We live in a free country but free speech doesn’t cover hate speech, nor has it ever before, nor should it ever in the future.

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