Baby Yoda is a hate symbol and should be banned

We stand against Baby Yoda, we stand against hate

We all know how hateful Star Wars can be. Rampant white supremacy, sexism and general bigotry are perpetuated to a ridiculous degree in each and every movie. Recently, the new Mandalorian show came out and things are looking to be getting even worse for the franchise. A brand new hate symbol has emerged from this horrific show: Baby Yoda.

This sinister character is the alt-right’s new poster child and is already proving to be a deadly weapon in their arsenal. The little green bigot has already enacted a series of treacherous hate crimes and acts of pure evil. In the show itself, Baby Yoda seems to be a firm believer in animal abuse and has shown this by devouring frogs alive and assisting in the murder of endangered space rhinos. If this doesn’t make you weep with sadness and frustration, then you’re probably a Nazi.

We spoke to senior feminist film theory analyst Dr. Anna L. Bead PhD about phirs thoughts on this new symbol of hatred.

“I remember watching the Mandalorian for the first time and being left physically trembling. I just literally couldn’t even. There was no JLGBTQIA+ representation and the main character is just another straight, cisheteronormative tool of the patriarchy. Baby Yoda gave me nightmares, easily the scariest thing I’ve seen since the 2016 election. My cry closet has never seen so much use and I’m still receiving urgent trips to my therapist.”

  • Dr. Anna L. Bead PhD (Phe/Phir), Feminist film theory analyst and part-time Antifa activist.
Dr Bead’s expertise in this matter is not to be questioned, that would be undermining phirs integrity as an analyst.

It’s also worth noting that Baby Yoda has a dangerous love of guns, paired with a severe dislike of persyns of minority. In the second episode, this devilish cretin egged on the malicious Mandalorian to butcher innocent Jawas. These differently-sized persyns were just going about their business peacefully when they were ruthlessly gunned down at the request of Baby Yoda, who giggled callously as they were slaughtered. Sort of reminds you of a certain dictator in the White House, doesn’t it?

Another reason why we need to ban guns.

I was left visibly quaking (shaking while queer) at this grueling sight and suffered a severe anxiety attack. The worst part was my transracial safe space cat Che was not in the room to provide me the necessary emotional support. No doubt other marginalized persyns were left traumatized by the actions of Baby Yoda, who is practically the new Pepe.

No amount of hate toads, Japanese hate cartoons, or weaponised assault smirks can even come close to the level of bigotry of this minion of the far right. The only option left now is to either remove the character from the show, make him a non-binary or persyn of trans, or ban the show in its entirety.

We stand against hate, therefore we stand against Baby Yoda.

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