Unapproved journalists suspended from Twitter for posting hate facts about Pensacola shooter

Who are the REAL terrorists here?

Three unapproved journalists have been suspended from Twitter for posting hate facts about a member of a protected minority group.

White supremacist Andy Ngo, Mike Cernovich, and some Fox News guy were suspended after alleging Pensacola shooter Mohammed Alshamrami to have been motivated by something other than toxic masculinity. Andy Ngo went so far as to post the shooter’s manifesto, whereas Cernovich and Fox News guy were content to report on the contents of said manifesto (without evidence).

This isn’t the first time Andy Ngo was held accountable for his hateful conduct. Just last month he was suspended for tweeting hate facts at Chelsea Clinton, who sought only to spread awareness about how America is the worst place in the world for persyns of LGBTQIAP+.

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When will these unapproved journalists learn? Hate facts have no place on social media, and questioning the motives of an Islamic terrorist is textbook Islamophobia.

Andy Ngo is the TRUE terrorist here, because diversity is our strength.

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