It’s time to admit that “Orange Man Bad” is the only legitimate reason for impeachment

All the talk of obstruction and abuse is a distraction from the fact that Orange Man Bad

With the impeachment underway, there has been that the articles of impeachment themselves are obscure and not legitimate. The “Obstruction of Congress” and “Abuse of Power” articles against the Trump administration could have and should have been consolidated into one massive article of impeachment – Orange Man Bad.

It’s time to admit that it’s perfectly legitimate to impeach Trump because Orange Man Bad. He’s bad, he’s orange, he looks like a cheeto, he has dumb hair, he tweets a lot and he is rude. This is not what America stands for and thus, he should be impeached on these grounds alone.

The Democratic party is making mountains out of mole hills by trying to re-word “Orange Man Bad” into confusing language like “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” They all mean the same thing, yet neither of them express the true intention behind the impeachment which is, and always has been, Orange Man Bad.

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It’s time to admit that we don’t necessarily need to have caught Trump doing an “impeachable offense” in order to impeach him. The fact that he called all Mexicans rapists is enough. Impeach the motherf**er because diversity is our strength.


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