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Secret Nazi Newspaper: Male feminist vlogger Mx. Obvious uncovers bigotry at The Washington Post

"The Washington Post" is a symbol of hate

Boasting forty-seven Pulitzer prizes and a dark green smiley-face from Journalist Excellence Worldwide, The Washington Post has long been one of America’s most reputable news outlets. But a brave young #Resistance vlogger by the name of Mx. Obvious has uncovered a dastardly right-wing plot to undermine the credibility of the Post’s top-notch journalists and cause our democracy to die in darkness.

The Washington Post logo, it seems, is a symbol of white supremacy.

This is a serious threat to our democracy. Yes, the logo must absolutely be changed. Preferably to a design that recognizes the daily struggles faced by journalists of color in Trump’s America, but which also gives nod to the historical oppression of the JLGBTQIAP+ community as a whole.

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We reached out to Journalist Excellence Worldwide founder Dustin Levitt for comment, but he was so overcome by feelings of betrayal that he was initially unable to form a coherent response. After taking a few hours to meet with the company crisis counselor, Mx. Levitt had this to say:

You know, I figured we could trust a newspaper with direct ties to Amazon and the CIA. Guess I was wrong! Who had “WP” first? Well, Washington Post was founded in 1877, and white supremacy was around a lot longer than that, pal. So you tell me if this was an accident or not.

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Tina Pool

Media reporter. Twin sister to unapproved journalist Tim Pool, financée to male feminist vlogger Mx. Obvious. Everything on this site is satire.

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