Trump orders assassination of austere Iranian scholar in a move of Islamophobic geopolitical bigotry

Trump's Islamophobia has brought the world one step closer to World War III

In a shocking but unsurprising turn of recent events, Trump had ordered the assassination of an Iranian citizen on the basis of Islamophobic hate alone. In an attempt to distract the rest of the country from his impending removal from office, Trump has once again rallied his hatred towards Muslims by making a spectacle out of the murder of an Iranian man of peace.

Let’s not forget that Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian general, was the recipient of a multibillion dollar peace treaty given by our most recent respected president, Barack Obama. President Obama made leaps of geopolitical progress towards a shared and common goal of world peace by handing over hundreds of billions of US dollars to the peaceful government of Iran.

Trump has undone this treaty by ordering the assassination of the Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani.

Why? Because Iranian “terrorists” attacked a US embassy? Surely this was an overreaction – and a racist one at that. Given the fact that “terrorism” is simply a part of Iranian culture, what gives us the right to judge another culture when our own culture has such a big problem with giving women the right to choose abortion? We have no room to judge.

Trump’s bigotry and Islamophobia has pushed the world that much closer to the brink of World War III. If Trump’s hatred towards brown people are left unchecked, he himself may become an bigger threat to our planet than climate change.


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