The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad burned because of climate change and NOT from an attack from Iranian forces

Trump assassinated an innocent Muslim because climate change destroyed the U.S Embassy - and Trump caused climate change

As we all know, Trump spent two trillion dollars to assassinate a Muslim general in Iran because of a misunderstanding of grand proportions. Because of Donald Trump’s lack of any environmental protection policies, climate change has gotten out of control since he took office. Australia is burning to the ground because of Trump’s ineffective and negligent climate policies.

The same mechanism of Trump’s absent climate policies that caused Australia to nearly burn away also caused the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to burn down as well. A reliable source tells us that it had nothing to do with Iranian attacks.

It had nothing to do with Iranian attacks.

  • A reliable source

So what happened next was remarkably criminal – Trump decided to have a Muslim general of Iran assassinated because he failed to take responsibility for his own U.S. Embassy burning down due to his own lack of effective climate change deterrence policies.

We are at the brink of World War 3 because Trump doesn’t understand climate science. This is the world we live in. This is why we must vote blue no matter who. This is why diversity is our strength.


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