Richard Spencer to replace Meghan McCain on The View

Spencer deemed more appealing to progressive audiences

ABC announced on Wednesday that they will be honoring a petition to replace The View‘s Meghan McCain with someone less controversial and more in line with the panel’s way of thinking.

“It just wasn’t a good match,” explains co-host Whoopi Goldberg. “We’re called The View, but her views aren’t the same as ours.”

“It’s not enough for her to hate the man illegally occupying the White House,” chimed in Joy Reid. “Not if she’s going to occasionally agree with him on matters of policy.”

As of February 3rd, CNN analyst Richard Spencer will be joining the panel as a regular host of television’s fourth most-watched daytime talkshow.

CNN analyst Richard Spencer

But the move is not without controversy, as some have pointed to current year and questioned whether anyone really cares to hear the views of a cisgendered white male.

But Whoopi reassures fans: “Richard’s unique viewpoint is nearly identical to our own. Oh, we might disagree on an adjective here and there — black, white, democratic, national — but that’s what keeps these discussions interesting.”

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