Alt-right propaganda machine Project Veritas releases another video

The people behind Project Veritas should be thrown in gulag

Alt-right propaganda machine Project Veritas has released another video in an attempt to smear future presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. Said video attempts to portray Democratic Socialists as violent and unhinged — though as one of Senator Sanders’s campaign staffers points out, violence is the ONLY thing that fascist Trump supporters can understand.

“The only thing fascists understand is violence. So the only thing you can confront them with is violence.”

  • Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer for Bernie Sanders

Yet Project Veritas’s efforts have backfired spectacularly, as the entire #Resistence was already aware that the fallback plan is to torch Milwaukee and beat up a bunch of cops before moving on to burn down every other major city in America. Because if the fascists won’t let us have our blue wave, we’re going to give them an orange blaze.

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Some within Senator Sanders’s campaign have suggested burning down Milwaukee anyway if Bernie doesn’t received the nomination, expressing this sentiment on Twitter via the hashtags #BernieOrBust and #FeelTheBern.

Other staffers have voiced concerns about the impact burning down an entire city would have on climate change, suggesting that blowing up Milwaukee would result in fewer carbon emissions.

Linda Sarsour even went so far as to order several dozen suicide vests from a UK-based company, later donating them to a mosque in Ilhan Omar’s district because the Jewish campaign workers were refusing to try them on.

“This is why we need Sharia law.”

  • Linda Sarsour, human rights activist and Bernie 2020 campaign worker

Project Veritas is absolute trash. They have proven themselves time and time again to be the enemies of Democratic Socialism, of Democratic Establishmentism, and of goodthink in general. Founder James O’Keefe will undoubtedly find himself in gulag once Bernie is elected — assuming he’s lucky, because not every fascist is worth the trouble of re-educating.

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