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It’s Trump’s fault that Puerto Rico didn’t give their people the hurricane resources provided by Trump

It's Trumps fault that the resources he delivered to Puerto Rico didn't make it to the Puerto Rican citizens

Facts are facts. When the might of Hurricane Maria ravaged and devastated Puerto Rico, the people of color inhabiting that island pleaded with President Trump for food, water and resources. The citizens of Puerto Rico did not receive the food, water and resources, therefore, Trump is at fault.

Despite the fact that there were enormous amounts of food, water and resources given to them by the current administration, the citizens did not receive it. Why? Because of Trump. It’s Trumps fault. The individuals in Puerto Rico in charge of distributing the resources neglected to do so, and the resources remained in a series of warehouses still to this day. More specifically, it’s Trump’s fault.

One may ask how it could possibly be Trump’s fault that he authorized the delivery of food, water and resources to a desperate Puerto Rico yet the management in charge of distributing the resources failed to do so. If one were to ask such a bigoted question, you could dismiss their premise on the grounds that they are bigoted, homophobic and carry a disdain towards people of color.

Diversity is our strength.

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