Bernie Sanders campaign courts moderate voters: “After we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them”

The next chapter of Project Veritas' #Expose2020

Project Veritas has released the fourth installment of its Bernie Sanders exposé, allowing us to hear from some of the more moderate members of his campaign: field organizers Daniel Taylor and Mason Baird, who intend to make an honest effort to avoid any unnecessary executions.

After we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them, you know what I’m saying? I mean, that’s my feeling. It’s damaging to the soul. • Maison Baird, field organizer

In parts one and two of #Expose2020 we met Iowa field organizer Kyle Jurek, who spoke of plans to throw Trump supporters in gulags if Bernie wins and burning down every major city in America if he doesn’t.

Alt-right propaganda machine Project Veritas releases another video

Part three featured equally charming staffer Martin Weiss-Gerber, who expects President Bernie to take the “Democratic” out of Democratic Socialism by dissolving the other two branches of government and executing the wealthy.

Trump supporters love to prattle on about protecting free speech (as opposed to protecting people from free speech), yet the manner in which poor Kyle and Martin were denounced for their political views is demonstrative of what hateful hypocrites these MAGAts truly are.

Fear of potential cyberbullying soon drove Bernie’s entire Iowa and South Carolina campaigns into digital hiding, with his Deputy Communications Director quickly following suit. Fearing a violent attack from some noose-and-bleach-wielding maniac in a MAGA hat, his South Carolina office went so far as to call the police on Project Veritas reporters. Twice.

While this entire affair will no doubt have much of Bernie’s staff in therapy for years to come, Project Veritas’s efforts to sabotage his campaign have actually backfired spectacularly: by publishing this footage, Veritas has revealed to the toiling, intersectional masses just how progressive Bernie really is.

Male feminist vlogger Mx. Obvious endorses Bernie Sanders

Moreover, Antifascists are notoriously hesitant to engage in the bourgeois act of voting — particularly while persyns of illegal continue to be denied suffrage — but thanks to Project Veritas, Senator Sanders may rest easy knowing he has secured the Antifa voting bloc. Indeed, as a wise womxyzn of color once said, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

NPC Daily eagerly awaits the next installment of #Expose2020, which will hopefully bring us a bit of racial and gender diversity. After all, cis white males from upper-middle-class families are hardly representative of our movement.

Sporadically employed workers of the world, unite! ✊

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