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College Student Denied RIGHT to Abortion at University Health Clinic

The patriarchy struck again at University of California, Sacramento earlier today as Samantha Riley was denied a routine abortion simply because she was a female studying at a university.

“I’ve received at least four abortions this past year from Planned Parenthood with no problem,” Riley says. “The abortion doctors even know me by name. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until I tried to use the UC Sacramento Health Clinic for my abortion, out of convenience on my way to my glass blowing class, that I was denied!”

Ever since Trump became president, women across the country are now stuck with the babies in their womb with no other option than to actually give birth to it. Sickening! As male law makers aka the patriarchy continue to control the reproductive rights of females, women are physically forced to obey the “rules” of the University.

“Apparently my tuition doesn’t cover abortions. If I can’t get an abortion at the campus health clinic, what’s the point of even having a health clinic?” Riley questions further.

UC Sacramento officials have not spoken up against their oppressive nature. Samantha Riley and her friends will be protesting on April 20th outside the UC Sacramento Health Clinic until they allow her to get the abortion she rightfully deserves.

“I can go somewhere else for my abortion, but it’s a matter of principal.” Riley says.

Stay tuned for further details.

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