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Cancel culture is under attack! Alt-right comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Ricky Gervais are attacking gender minorities and the Hollywood elite under the guise of comedy and refusing to apologize when called out by triggered leftists on Twitter. Which ought to be a hate crime in itself.

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So too have the Russians hopped on board this effort to promote hate speech at the expense of safe speech, programming their @stillgray bot to appropriate a popular hashtag in order to intimidate those of us who use it to communicate with our comrades.

This is an overt call for violence, and the the fact that Twitter is refusing to delete this tweet (and the bot that posted it) just goes to show that we were right about Jack Dorsey being a Russian operative all along.

Which is why we need your help money.

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Our overhead costs are astronomical, and as millennials we never learned the value of a dollar anyway. But with your help, perhaps we won’t have to continue renting Neville out to the Clinton Foundation just to make ends meet. Xe’s been coming back with a funny taste in xir mouth and some of the strangest stories to tell.

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