Nancy Pelosi nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for standing up to Trump and the rise of Fascism

Nancy Pelosi's efforts to fight against racism and hate will not go unnoticed

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the stunning bravery of Nancy Pelosi in her efforts to stand up to Donald Trump and his white supremacist administration. Examples of Nancy Pelosi fighting against fascism range from leading the well-grounded impeachment efforts to ripping apart his 2020 State of the Union speech on live TV.

Nancy Pelosi is the face of liberalism and anyone who opposes her words, judgments, actions or behaviors is simply a bigoted xenophobe. For this reason alone, Nancy Pelosi has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The world has seen heroes and heroines before. There were those who fought against Nazis in WWII, those who stood up to Jim Crow, discrimination, and now climate change and social injustice. Nancy Pelosi is standing up to modern-day fascism which is arguably worse in all facets than anything our world has ever seen.

Given the inarguable fact that Donald Trump is worse than Hitler, has his own concentration camps, robs from the poor to pad his pockets, never helped Puerto Rico during the hurricane, brags about sexually assaulting women every chance he gets and frequently mocks disabled people – it takes sheer strength and unstoppable will power for Nancy Pelosi to bravely stand against the leader of his cult of hate.

Despite the fact that her impeachment effort wasn’t successful due to corruption in the republican party, Nancy Pelosi’s actions more than qualify her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thank you Nancy. Diversity is our strength.


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