Mickey Mouse surges in Democratic primary and could spell the downfall of President Trump

Joe Biden endorses Mickey Mouse for Democratic nominee since "Mickey Mouse has the best chance of beating Trump"

It’s no secret that Mickey Mouse is the most popular figure in the country, if not the world itself. Donald Trump positioned himself as a popular and successful public figure, but Mickey’s reign of happiness and joy predates even Trump’s first racist thought.

Joe Biden publicly stated that Mickey Mouse has a shot at beating Trump in the general election – which, of course now follows logically that Mickey Mouse is our last remaining hope in defeating the incumbent president.

Make no mistake – Mickey Mouse may be a fictional cartoon character, but can’t we say the same about Trump himself? If the general election comes between two brightly colored figures, it’s in our best interests to side with Joe Biden’s gut, and go with the cartoon character that represents happiness and dreams as opposed to bigotry and screams.

That’s why NPC Daily is urging all of our stunning and brave liberal readers to write in “Mickey Mouse” in the Democratic primary election. Mickey Mouse, according to Joe Biden (the clear front runner and otherwise inevitable winner of 2020) claims to have the best chance at beating Trump.


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