Climate Change

Greedy cheapskate Jeff Bezos only gives 7% of his net worth to fight climate change instead of 90%

Richest man on Earth donates bare minimum to help fight climate change

Jeff Bezos it he richest man in the world, selfishly hogging the fortune of Amazon bearing a net worth of nearly 130 billion dollars. Today, Jeff Bezos announced that he is “generously” donating 10 billion dollars to help fight climate change. It’s a complete slap in the face.

10 billion dollars is roughly 7% of his entire net worth. In other words, barely a drop in the bucket. Someone of the status of Jeff Bezos should pay at least 90% of his net worth to be even considered good in the eyes of our progressive populace. Donating 90% of 130 billion dollars still leaves him with 13 billion dollars – in other words, more money than any one individual should ever have.

Sure, we can feign happiness for the fact that Jeff Bezos donating billions of dollars to fight climate change, but the fact that he gave so little and is holding on to so much only proves that he simply doesn’t care about climate change or our future. If he really cared, he would donate 90% of his net worth. Clearly he doesn’t. He’s just doing this to make himself seem like a good guy (pro tip: he’s not).

If there are individuals donating their blood, plasma, body parts and student loans to a presidential campaign, someone like Jeff Bezos should follow their lead and donate something meaningful to his greedy conscience – like 90% of his net worth. Until then, Jeff Bezos is a greedy, selfish, capitalistic cheapskate whose contributions should be both accepted and shunned.

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