Democrats push for Constitutional amendment requiring SCOTUS to rule via minority decision

Democrats seek greater representation for minority judges

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor recently had some choice words for her conservative colleagues. Writing the dissenting opinion for Chad Wolf et al. v. Cook County Illinois et al., Justice Sotomayor issued the SCATHING rebuke:

“I think this case should have made its way up through the lower courts. I think the Administration has been too frequently petitioning us directly. I don’t think we should be encouraging this because it sets a bad precedent.”

  • Sonia Sotomayor, judicial whistleblower

“What Justice Sotomayor really means,” explains Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern, “is that the Trump administration has a majority of the court in its pocket. Today they seek injunctions to keep Obama-appointed judges from meddling in immigration policy, tomorrow they’ll be seeking an injunction on the Ffifthty-ffifth Amendment.”

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Democrats are now rallying behind a Constitutional amendment that will lend greater weight to minority voices by requiring Supreme Court decisions to be rendered via minority opinion.

“Thish prezaden hash spargle bargle narr garrf,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hotly declared at a ten o’clock press conference. “Spargle bargle garr democrashy bargle narff impeash spargle garff Fthirty-Fourfth Amenmen nargle garff.”

Speaker Pelosi is correct. The tyranny of the judicial majority is indeed extremely dangerous to our democracy. Minorities have voting rights, and the Republicans are trying to take those rights away.

Which is why we need to fight back against voter suppression, amend the Constitution, and re-impeach the motherf*cker forever.

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