Progressives OUTRAGED as Trump makes peace with Taliban, ending Endless War

Bad orange man makes bad orange peace

The Trump Administration has signed a peace agreement with the Taliban, paving the way for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops within the next fourteen months.

Progressives are rightfully OUTRAGED, with many denouncing the agreement as illegitimate because Trump is not a legitimately elected president, having lost the popular vote in 2016. (Though he is and will forever remain a legitimately impeached president.)

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Others are highlighting the inherent misogyny of the agreement: not a single womxyzn was invited to take part in these negotiations with the Taliban — unsurprising, given that Donald Trump is an avowed misogynist who does not believe in womxyzn’s rights. (Persyns of LGBTQIAP+ were likewise without representation.)

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Nor does the agreement in any way address fourteen centuries worth of gender inequality under toxic masculinity, leaving many to ponder the fate of Afghani womxyzn after U.S. forces have withdrawn. But one thing is certain: whatever ill treatment they continue to face will now be entirely Trump’s fault.

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This peace agreement is an unmitigated disaster. Trump is not a career politician and therefore lacks requisite experience in the art of making deals. He also has a nasty habit of cozying up to America’s enemies.

It would have been far more appropriate to have dispatched Michael Moore to oversee these negotiations — which is what Bernie will likely do once he takes office and nullifies this awful agreement. (He’ll have until May 2021 to stop the troops from coming home.)

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