New evidence emerges PROVING White House-Kremlin conspiracy

The collusion continues. Will Mueller reopen his investigation?

New evidence has emerged PROVING that Donald Trump is colluding with Russian to steal the 2020 presidential election.

Trump and his domestic co-conspirators have been sharing doctored videos on social media, promoting climate change with racist MAGA straws, and soliciting funds from his online support base.

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While at the surface this may appear just another instance of racist rednecks rallying around the white supremacist in the White House, that conspiracy theory quickly unravels when one considers that Donald Trump’s online following consists entirely of Russian bots. This is a true fact thoroughly grounded in reality, so firmly established that is used a benchmark by non-partisan verification agencies for ascertaining factual accuracy and political bias in the news media.

“Trump supporters lack the necessary cognitive development to operate a computer, let alone figure out how to register for a public forum of rigorous intellectual debate — by which I mean Reddit or Twitter. No, Trump’s following is entirely inorganic.”

  • Parker Molloy, Media Matters

“They acknowledge the bot situation and they may, may be eligible for a green smiley face rating or even the much-coveted DARK GREEN smiley face — that all depends upon a multitude of factors I will not be publicly disclosing at this time. But if they deny or even question the Russia connection then they’re automatically in the red.”

  • Dustin Levitt, Journalist Excellence Worldwide

We cannot allow these foreign interlocutors to continue interfering with our democracy by regularly raining rubles and related resources into Republican reelection campaigns. Now is the time to come together, demand social media companies #BanTheBots, and vow to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho the DNC decides to nominate instead of Bernie.

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