How to talk about the coronavirus without being a massive racist

The true threat of the coronavirus is not the virus itself, but the racism it breeds

The World Health Organization has some tips for discussing the coronavirus without “perpetuat[ing] negative stereotypes… or dehumanis[ing] those who have the disease”.

In a March 2nd Twitter thread, the WHO writes:

They go on to reiterate for the 37th time this week that the Chinese Communist Party has done an excellent job of containing the now-global viral incident that should not be referred to as a pandemic because such a term could be potentially triggering to emotionally sensitive individuals.

The CCP indeed deserves to be applauded for its decisive response to the virus that undoubtedly originated somewhere in the wilderness outside China’s borders. Sharing accurate information with the international community would have undoubtedly led to the very widespread triggering the World Health Organization wishes to avoid, and too much transparency with its own citizenry might have inadvertently spared the lives of political dissidents.

We may never know how many such dissidents were among those sealed inside their apartments and left to starve to death (unless the virus took them first) or arrested in the streets and packed into those peculiar white cubes. Yet given the WHO’s lavish praise for the CCP, surely these were the appropriate measures.

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The true threat of the coronavirus is not the virus itself, but the racism it breeds. One is more likely to survive the virus than not (unless one happens to be a Chinese dissident), which is why progressives in San Francisco are #resisting the declared state of emergency by going out of their way to hug every Asian persyn they see.‬

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