Instagram suppresses #WesternCivilization hashtag to protect users from white supremacy

"Western Civilization" is code for white nationalism

Facebook Inc. is taking steps to combat intolerance and bigotry on its Instagram property. From the permanent suspension of the Handsome Selfie Man Who Must Not Be Named to the general suppression of pro-Trump meme accounts, Instagram has made clear that it is a safe space for POCs — and that persyns of non-color had best be mindful of how much space their memes (and selfies) take up.

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Which is why Instagram is suppressing the hashtag #WesternCivilization.

A few minor offshoots that have yet to be scrubbed.  Instagram has been made aware of this oversight and is in the process of correcting it.

“Western Civilization” is alt-right code for the white nationalist ethnostate Trump intends to usher in if he manages to steal another election in 2020. (Michael Bloomberg, on the other hand, seeks to purchase the election fair and square.)

Just as nothing original ever came out of Scandinavia, nothing positive was ever borne of Western Civilization — unless you are a member of the Republican Party and are thus pro-segregation and pro-slavery. White people built the slave trade; POCs tore it down. POCs invented democracy; Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to tear it down.

Which is why Instagram’s stance on Western Civilization deserves to be applauded, and why anyone who speaks favorably of Western Civilization is a white supremacist.

Diversity is our strength.

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