Lakewood State University Starts First Official Safe Space From Trump Supporters

Trump supporters are dangerous. There’s no doubt about that. Just look at any rally or gathering of Trump supporters and you’re bound to find some injured minorities nearby. It’s in a Trump supporter’s nature to be violent against people who are not white.

Lakewood State University in Colorado is the first to make a complete safe space for all non-Trump supporters. Since there has been an increase of assault and violence from everyone ranging from moderately right wing to completely alt-right against minorities and women, LSU decided that it was in the student body’s best interest to create a space from these people.

We feel it is necessary. White people have been dangerous to people who aren’t white for hundreds of years. This past election, they have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt how much they utterly hate and despise minorities but electing Donald Trump. Women and POC are constantly in fear whenever they see a white student or someone wearing a Make America Great Again hat. As we know full well, only white men voted for Donald Trump. No one else.

– Marybeth Bethbeth, Student Leadership and Development LSU

Lakewood State University is urging other college campuses to adopt the same method to protect the minorities that are so readily attacked, harassed and assaulted by white male Trump supporters. Trump supporters need to know that it is NOT ok to judge someone simply by the color of their skin or their political belief. Until they figure that out, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep their distance.


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