Trump uses coronavirus as pretext for new Muslim ban

Will the Latinx community be next?

Donald Trump recently came under fire for calling the coronavirus a hoax, which is right on par with his denial of basic scientific truths such as the fact that there are 7.8 billion genders to choose from and we have only 3,972 days left before climate change literally kills us all at the time of this article’s publishing.

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Trump’s coronavirus denial now threatens to get us all prematurely killed, though Republican shills such as Tim Pool and the Associated Press would have you believe the Democrats are distorting coronavirus readiness and lying to suit their political ends.

NPC Daily fact checkers rate both these claims FALSE, and Journalist Excellence Worldwide gives Tim Pool a RED SAD FACE for factual accuracy and political bias. The AP’s yellow neutral face rating is now under review, and an updated chart will be released shortly.

It is in fact Donald Trump who has been politicizing the virus, creating a Coronavirus Task Force that is far too cis, far too white, and far too male.

He is literally waving his white supremacy in our faces.

Liz Warren has likewise expressed her disapproval, calling for the task force to be headed up by a nine-year-old transgender child instead of Mike Pence.

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So it comes as no surprise that Trump would seize the opportunity to use this global viral incident (which the World Health Organization has requested we NOT refer to as a pandemic) as an excuse to reinstitute his illegal, unethical, orange, and categorically RACIST Muslim ban against anyone who would seek to enter America by way of Iran.

Donald Trump is a vile Islamophobe who has no right to call himself President of the United States, particularly not after having been impeached forever by House Democrats. Many believe he next intends to double down on his oppression of Latinx migrants, effectively preventing them from seeking refuge in our fair cities of sanctuary. Which is why Democrats are renewing their calls for open borders and Medicare For All.

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On the off-chance that any of us survive to see the general election, we implore you: #VoteBlueNoMatterWho might be left to run against Trump. Even if it means voting for Joe Biden.

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