“Onward” is a bigoted alt-right dog whistle strewn with toxic masculinity and is everything wrong with America

Bigoted movies like Onward will propel Trump to a second term

Onward (2020) is the latest feature film released by Disney Pixar – and it doesn’t hold back in its blatant bigotry, misogyny and hate for minorities. Disney thought they could cover their tracks by including a measly two-minute scene of an openly lesbian character – but that’s too little too late.

Frozen 2 tanked because Elsa wasn’t a lesbian, Lion King (2020) was a box office fail because Simba wasn’t gay and Toy Story 4 flopped because woody wasn’t openly bisexual – all promises exclusively made by Disney. Now they think they could make it up by including a tiny token character representation of the LGBTQ community. Not good enough.

The story of Onward was ridiculous, unrealistic and focused on the adventures of two cisgendered heterosexual males – as if we haven’t seen enough of that. (Are we really supposed to feel sorry for males?) Onward just illustrates the extent of toxic male fragility.

I was so distraught when I had the misfortune of seeing this terrible movie that I couldn’t hold back my need to run out of the movie theater, I screamed down the hallway and vomited in the popcorn machine at the concession stand. I couldn’t even. It’s bigoted films like this that will get Trump re-elected.

  • Sarah Rowen, 22, UC Riverside, Gender Studies Major

Conservatives and racists will love this movie because it highlights the so-called “struggles” that white males have to endure – as if there really are any. Onward (2020) is a sad excuse for a movie and surely marks a low point in Disney’s inclusive features. NPC Daily rates Onward 0/10. Go watch Bird’s of Prey instead.


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