Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Trump’s fault and the direct result of the Trump administration

Conservatives need to admit that coronavirus is Trump's fault and Joe Biden is the answer

As if it wasn’t clear before, President Donald Trump is directly responsible for the coronavirus outbreak. If it weren’t for Trump’s racism, bigotry and rampant homophobia here in America, Wuhan would have never been the epicenter of a global pandemic.

Trump’s denial of climate change directly lead to the spread of COVID-19 and because of that, billions of people could die and the blood would be on Trump’s tiny hands.

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If conservatives, Republicans and the alt-right understood the error of their ways, they would recant their bigoted beliefs and join Joe Biden in his efforts to get hands-on and keep punching away at the coronavirus pandemic. Joe Biden is the the youthful spirit our country needs to lift us out of the hole that Trump put us in.

To put things into perspective, coronavirus has killed more people in the past three months than AR-14s have killed in the past ten years. The pandemic is Trump’s fault and the only way our country will be safe again is for him to resign.

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