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Saying “Chinese Virus” instead of coronavirus is now classified as a hate crime and that’s a good thing

"Chinese Virus" now officially categorized as hate speech and could be federally enforced

If there’s one thing that’s infinitely more dangerous than coronavirus or the economic impact of the pandemic, it’s hurtful words. Because of the Trump administration’s racist fundamental beliefs, the vast majority of Americans are now more racist against Asians than ever before.

The Trump administration will stop at no minority on which to spew hatred. First it was Hispanx and Latinxes, then Musimxs, and now Asians in the form of calling coronavirus the “Chinese Virus.”

Sure coronavirus started in China and the Chinese government was largely responsible for covering up the spread of the virus and the vast majority of the pandemic wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for China, but Trump is a cheeto and the term “Chinese Virus” triggers me on behalf of all Asians.

  • Norbert Corbinson, 21, UC Irvine (Quarantined)

Thanks to the wonderful philanthropic efforts of the ADL and the Democratic party, the term “Chinese Virus” is now classified as hate speech and will soon be a tickatable offense and marked as a hate crime.

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Democrats in congress have their priorities right. In order to tackle the pandemic head on, we must first speak using correct terminology. Racism and hate speech doesn’t make a pandemic go away – woke language will.

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