Coronavirus petition to change “coronavirus” to “Trump Virus” taking internet by storm

Words are the only way we can combat this deadly pandemic

Sometimes there are silver linings to every crisis. Trump’s rampant and unrestricted racism against Asians is backfiring. A petition has sprouted up urging the change of the name “coronavirus” to “Trump Virus” – humiliating the racist in chief.

It has gathered over 200 signatures from loyal Biden supporters across the nation. Bleeding heart liberals know how to combat racism and pandemics – and it’s through the use of woke words. As we know, calling it the “Chinese Virus” is hate speech, so naturally, referring to it as the “Trump Virus” is the logical alternative – given the fact that Trump is responsible for the entire pandemic.

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Why should we call it the “Trump Virus”? Because Trump hates women and minorities. He’s racist and thinks climate change is a hoax. He brags about sexually assaulting women and he is a monumental failure as a businessman. Therefore, it’s only logical that we name a deadly pandemic after him, regardless of its geographic origin.

Stay woke, my friends. Protect yourself from the Trump Virus.

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